multi-color square Julie Raasch

  Graphic and Web Designer | Event Photographer
Spring into Fine Arts poster

Promotional Poster

Spring into Fine Arts handbill

Promotional Handbill

Spring into Fine Arts Facebook page

Facebook Page

Spring into Fine Arts Facebook page

Artist Booth Sign

Project: To brand the Spring into Fine Arts art fair and to create collateral materials that supported the art fair.

I designed the logo and created the overall look and feel for Spring into Fine Arts. The look was implimented using paintings I generated as backdrops. One swash was selected for the main overall look, while others were used on various web pages. I designed and laid out promotional posters and handbills, artist booth signs and name tags, programs and facebook art. Additionally I determined the key elements and architeture for the Spring into Fine Arts website. I built the website using a Wordpress template so that committee members could edit the site in the future.