multi-color square Julie Raasch

  Graphic and Web Designer | Event Photographer
aistheta logo - jewelry to be worn and enjoyed
aistheta business card

Business Cards
(The top image is of the front of the card. The bottom two images are variations of the back of the card.)

aistheta website

Etsy Website Branding

aistheta email blast

Email Blast Promoting Fall Show Schedule

aistheta promo

aistheta earing cards

Earring Cards

aistheta packaging


aistheta sign + jewelry displayed

Project: To brand aistheta, a small artisan business, that makes and sells handcrafted jewelry.

Vintage women are used in the branding. This speaks to the artist's beginning, repurposing vintage jewelry into new pieces. I also created aesthetic for the website and emails, as well as standard collateral, such as business cards, tags, labels and signs. Displays were designed to create cohesive branding.