multi-color square Julie Raasch

  Graphic and Web Designer | Event Photographer
Hike through a grassland
Father and son talk
People hiking
Chris Pullman talks to an audience
Chris Pullman talks to an audience
Josh Emrich talks to Design Madison
Audience at Design Madison Conference
2 Designers review a student's portfolio
Designer review a student's portfolio
People picking up t-shirts at conference
2 people high-five during an improve exercise
2 guyes laughing
Aaron points at the camera
Aaron signs posters
Speaking event at Institutes of Discover UWMadison
Male speaker
Female speaker
Female speaker
Non-Profit conference at the Monona Terrace
3 people standing and talking
Woman being interviewed for a video
Woman making a sign with color markers
Woman points to a sign she made
2 women smiling
Woman walks through 2 line of people getting high-fives
Woman walks through 2 line of people getting high-fives
Man walks through 2 line of people getting high-fives
Male speaker
Panel of 4 speakers
Group of people sitting around a round table
Woman in the audience talks
Two women working with cards
Woman speaks
Male speaker surrounded by audience
Woman speaker surrounded by audience
Man speaks to audience
Man speaks to audience
Audience jumps around
Audience clapping
Audience all on stage for an improve excersize
Audience on stage greeting each other
Man coloring
Madison UX poster colored with markers
Woman coloring
Woman swinging on a silk ribbon
2 woman in a human sized hampster wheel
Man in a wire bubble
Man working glass with a flame
Man working glass with a flame
2 people pouring iron
2 men watching a controlled burn
Woman spraying the edge of a controlled burn with a water pack
2 women in bright dresses lead a parade
Woman spins in a dress while others dance
Dancing crowd

I have been working as a professional photographer since 2007. I've worked as an event photographer both for the Center on Education and Work (CEW) in the School of Education and as a freelance photographer.

I have photographed large events such as conferences with hundereds of people to small private events where just a few people were present. Past events that I have photographed include: events for Design Madison, Madison+ UX Conferences, Madison+ Ruby Conferences, Madison Non-Profit Day and a few other smaller events, such as Blue Mounds Area Project outdoor field trips and winter lecture series.